About Finding Tai Chi

In December 2011, I took my first tai chi class and was immediately hooked. I knew nothing about different lineages or forms — or even that there were more than a few forms. I went home and did some searching on YouTube for the form we were learning in class and I couldn’t find it. What I found looked similar, but clearly not the same. I learned that there are many different schools around the world and they don’t all teach the same Tai Chi. Beyond that, most if not all of the great masters, teachers and guides throughout the history of the internal arts have adapted or changed what they were taught. Beyond that, there are countless warm ups, loosenings, drills, forms and principles taught by all of these individuals.

There is an incredible amount of variety and individual character within the various lineages of all the various martial arts. My mission is to make it easier for you to navigate. And for me! It still blows my mind just how much is out there.

There are thousands upon thousands of videos, websites, class schedules, instructional materials, rare old footage, blog platforms, online courses and articles about tai chi, qigong, xing yi, i-chuan, meditation, taoism, and everything in between. It's scattered all over the internet. New material is showing up literally every day. The purpose of Finding Tai Chi is to help you find, share, and keep track of the digital half of your journey.

As I write this, there are only 122 things in the database. A tiny, searchable collection of stuff I’ve found in the past few days since the website launched. Some of my favorites are in there, but not nearly everything I’ve come across in the past five years. I can’t wait to see what everyone will find and share - how many millions of ideas and perspectives we can toss around between real-life class and training sessions!! I look forward to finding yours in here someday.

Train well,