The Art of the Entry Seminar Series

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The Art of the Entry Seminar Series is a two part event (10/15 AND 10/29; both from 2-5pm.) that will give you the tools to enter in on an opponent more effectively, efficiently and better enable you to end the conflict quickly. No matter what your art, how long you have been practicing or new to the journey, this seminar will be of value to your martial art progression. World Renowned Martial Artist Stephen Watson will guide us through techniques and philosophies of Closing the Gap and ending the fight quickly. If you do it right, you will still make your appointment, not work up a sweat, and give the other person a "teaching moment". What more can you ask?

Stephen Watson is a current World Champion and skilled in many martial arts including Tai Chi, Aikido, Silat and Black Dragon Kung Fu.

Anyone and Everyone are welcome.

Fee: $60 for One Seminar/ $99 for Both

Seminar Dates: Saturday, Oct. 15, 2-5pm
Saturday, Oct. 29, 2-5pm

Contact Sifu DeRon at (860)987-8532 to reserve your spot or if you have any questions.

First added: September 7th, 2016
Last Updated: September 7th, 2016

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