Chen Taichi Fajin basics explained

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Taichi instructor 'Shawn' (Baek Sang-heon/백상헌) (so not John, but Shawn) explains the basic principles of Chen-style Taichi Fajin. Fajin is the way power is developed in taichi by use of the Dantien, or power zone. Shawn is a physical therapist and a independent martial arts practitioner. He lives, works and teaches in South-Korea. He practices Chen style Taichi more than 15 years. I took admission to teach from the 21th transmission master from the Chen villiage in 6 years ago. Shawn's teacher is Chen Xiaoxing's first foreign transmission master. He studied under and continues to learn from both Chen Xiaoxing and Chen Bing.

First added: September 10th, 2016
Last Updated: September 10th, 2016

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