Masters on the Mountain 41 - Willem deThouars & Sergey Makarenko

tai chi, push hands, demonstration, instructional, workshops, Uncle Willem De Thouars

Eureka Productions specializes in martial arts and social issues documentary videos — all the news that doesn't fit at a prime time of your convenience.Our martial arts production department focuses on cutting edge presentations of qigong, meditation, healing, and the internal martial arts.Also featured are reports on ongoing seminars, including the Masters on the Mountain series as well as Masters in Mendocino, presented by our sister organizations Redwood Coast Tai Chi and Sierra Nevada Internal Arts. They feature ground-breaking developments of the world's most innovative masters of the body's intrinsic energy, such as, vertical axis tai chi, spinal energy pa kua and energy body qigong.Eureka Videos has produced numerous award-winning documentaries of various social issues, receiving praise from mainstream film makers as well as national politicians. The social issues videos are intimate (grass roots) and radical. Dinner in Managua and Sing to Me the Dream (featured at the first Lake Tahoe Film Festival) were passed around for home viewings by groups resisting our proxy wars in Central America during the Reagan years.

First added: September 18th, 2016
Last Updated: September 18th, 2016

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