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USING THE WAIST TO GENERATE POWERWhen warming the hands i always use the waist because it allows me to relax my arms ( with regard to the forward and backward forces) and let the waist and its larger musculature generate the movement and forces . The palms press together and make small circles by turning the waist back and forth in short , rapid , shakes . This energy transfers through the spine to the shoulders then out through the fingers . This action is great for warming the palms and warming the palms is good for training the waist . The same action can be applied to the short bursts necessary to dislocate a joint as in Hands Strum the PiPa ( Play Guitar) . The same action can be trained by Pole Shaking in which the practitioner uses the short ,shaking , left and right turns of the waist to cause a whipping effect to the Staff or more commonly used, the Spear . The hand warming action is an easy way to get the feel and train the musculature for short power strikes.

First added: August 26th, 2016
Last Updated: September 3rd, 2016

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