Yang Chengfu Taijiquan 108 movements 杨澄甫式太极拳,杨澄甫先生着太极拳体用全书

tai chi, postures, Yang Cheng Fu, pencil drawings

Pencil drawings by Matthias Wagner, Baden-Baden, Germany, based on photos of Great Grandmaster Yang Chengfu, published 1934 in his book 太極拳體用全書.
Louis Swaim, leading specialist on taijiquan and translator of the english edition "The Essence And Application of Taijiquan", sais: "Your photo-based illustrations are beautiful. You did a fantastic job of capturing the light and shadow, disclosing detail in Yang Chengfu's postures and expressions. As you can imagine, over the years I have studied the old photos very carefully, so I can appreciate your exquisite eye for important detail that one had to strain to notice in the photos.
"Das vollständige Buch von Form und Anwendung des Taijiquan" by Yang Chengfu, German by Matthias Wagner, ISBN 978-3-00-035699-5
Music: "五行音带: 羽 B" Chinese Medical Media, Beijing

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