Relax, Sink, Fang Song - (7 videos, 6 articles)

How do you relax? What does that even mean? Softness, relaxation, collapse, stretching, loosening, sinking, fang song - there are so many ways this is explained.

Feeling it for yourself is the best explanation, but while you're here...

This collection starts off with a great interview with Master Yang Jun, followed by several articles and videos explaining song, opening and loosening the joints, and the related physical training. We cap it off with a few videos demonstrating the application of song and ting.


DECODE - Tai Ji Quan - Master Yang Jun - What Fang Song means

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What does "fang song" mean? How can we train our body?Master Yang Jun answers these questions in a part of the interview that will be published very soon in complete version in our "Lead to gold" Magazine and DECODE channel.


The Importance of Let Loose – Fang Song 放 松

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A network for health, happiness and harmony.


The Art of Relaxation in Tai Chi (Song) - Tai Chi Basics

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Relaxation in tai chi involves releasing mental, emotional, and physical tension. Relaxing is not static, but is a continual movement towards this state.


Tai chi Sung; structure and hold onto nothing

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Rich Marantz of Green Mountain Tai chi teaches an exercise to help understand the concept of sung in Tai chi



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When the body is calm and the mind uncluttered, only then can one observe the subtle. Chang San-Feng I lead off Chapter 13 (“Beyond Relaxation”) of Taijiquan: Through the Western Gate with this quote from Chang San-Feng, Daoist sage and legendary founder of taijiquan. I was happy to come across that quote again. It is the key to moving meditation and to any study of the internal martial arts. It all starts with song (pronounce soong). As I discuss in Western Gate, song is often transliterated as “relaxation” but that misleads us into thinking of it as a gooey passivity.… Read More


"Song" or Relaxation in Tai Chi | Movement Arts with Dan Kleiman

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Relaxation in Tai Chi is at once easy and loose, but also energized and alert, not limp and collapsed, like when you flop on to the couch after a long day.


Tai Chi Tip #1: How to Relax in Tai Chi

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In this video of Tai Chi Tips, Taoist Lineage Holder Bruce Frantzis explains how to relax in tai chi. For more Tai Chi Tips and a free 80-page tai chi report join our list here: a beginner in Tai Chi, you must learn to relax. You must let go of your muscular strength. You may find that relaxing after years of stress, takes time. Start by relaxing in layers and with practice you will be able to relax to your bone. These Tai Chi for beginners tips will help you get started on your way to better health. “Energy Arts is dedicated to offering the most comprehensive tai chi, qigong (chi gung), internal martial arts, breathing and meditation programs on the planet.”


Tai Chi Sung: Erle's Lessons Part 3

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Sung, it can't be explain in words for more info


Improving your Tai Chi | Tai Chi for Health Institute

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To improve your tai chi, it is essential to practice regularly, understand the tai chi principles and incorporating them into your practice. There are many ways to improve your level of tai chi, like climbing up a mountain, some ways are easier and more enjoyable.  The four “directions” can help you understand the principles better and get to the …


Fang Song ~ Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association

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Excerpted from Yang Zhenduo'sZhong Guo Yang Shi Taiji, 1997, 'Thoughts on Practice' p163-164

Translated by Jerry Karin



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THE FORMULA FOR EFFORTLESS POWER When applying power upward , there are 3 ways that one can progress through to achieve something Internal as a mechanism . The Tai Chi Tu or " Yin Yang Diagram" is the visual expression of a Universal Principle that could be explained as opposing energy in balance equals power or Positive ten plus Negative ten equals zero . This is the formula for effortless power . This drill shows the progression to comprehending the concept of Tai Chi . When Positive and Negative particles interact, they seek balance naturally . A battery has positive and negative energy seeking balance . A Combustion Engine has Yin and Yang at work in the action of the pistons . When an engine is balanced, it is more powerful than when it is out of balance .My logic is that for it to be Tai Chi Chuan, there has to be the application of Tai Chi Theory to the Art's Mechanics. The example shown here shows Anthony D'Amato restraining me at the wrists * . i first try to compete with Tony using muscle and i am easily overpowered . i then apply the principle of the Tai Chi Tu or Opposing Forces seeking balance Externally . i sit down in balanced opposition of my hands raising . These opposing ( Yin/Yang) forces are self stabilizing , much like a tight rope stretched in two opposite directions becomes more stabile. my weight gets " under " him and gives me a leverage advantage . This works very easily , but it is still an external mechanical movement. The third progression shows Tony yielding ( as with the external method) , but i don't physically drop anymore. i actively make a connection by trying to lightly raise my arms causing ( enticing energy) Tony to resist and remove any gaps in our connection . i then gradually empty my mind which causes my energy to sink and i lightly and loosely raise my hands in balanced harmony with my internal sinking . This action also allows me to get " under" Tony ( Internal) and gives me a leverage advantage . This will not work if i engage or acknowledge Tony's Strength . It is critical that one remains soft for this to work . • We always test all techniques in this way to ensure ease of movement against resistance .


Teaching moment - Amsterdam - Song is relative

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Teaching Moments - Song and Ting in Italy

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Teaching in Verona, Italy. Song and Ting with sifu Adam Mizner - Italian SubtitlesSifu's demonstration partner, Fabio Castelli has been practicing martial arts for 37 years, since the age of 13. He has a 4th dan in Karate and has practiced Ju-Jitsu, Chen style and Yi Quan. Later he practiced Bagua for 5 years. He has been training Yang style in the Huang Sheng Shyan lineage over the past 6 years, and has dedicated himself exclusively to practicing and teaching internal arts.