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Wu Tu Nan lived from 1884 to 1989. He learned from Wu Jian Quan from about ages 9-17 and Yang Shao Hou for the following 4 years.

Here's some old footage and background information on this taiji master who lived to be 105.


Taiji Master Wu Tu Nan

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A biography of Master Wu Tu Nan, from Plum Publications.


Abbot Hai Teng of Shaolin, Wu Tu Nan, Li Zee Ming...

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Venerable Hai Teng with guests Wu Tu nan (taiji wustylist and student of Yang Shao Ho), Li Zee Ming (pa kua palm), Sun Lu Yun (taiji sunstylist), Yuan Chin Chuen (cannon fist).Le Venerable moine Hai Teng, de Shaolin Temple, se reunit avec quelques invites qui demontrent leur savoir faire.


Tai Chi Demonstration by Wu Tu Nan 100 years Old.

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Wu Tu Nan Taijigong Singapore - Wu Tu Nan

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Tai Chi from Great Master Wu Tunan 吳圖南, disciple of Yang Shao Hou 楊少侯.

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Tai Chi 太極, from Great Master Wu Tunan 吳圖南 demostration of a part of the fast form Yong Jia ( Ion Chia ) from Yang Shao Hou 楊少侯 Taiji. This form was created by Yang Lu Chang 楊露禪, from the lineage of Jiang Fa 將發.


Wu Tunan - taijiquan

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Wu Tunan student of Wu Jianquan (8 years) and Yang Shaohou (4 years)


Wu Tunan 吴图南 (Full Video)

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Great Grand Master Wu Tunan discussing and demonstrating his "Yong Jia" Yang Tai Chi sequence(1885-1988).Gran Maestro Wu Tunan explicando y demostrando su secuencia "Yong Jia" del Tai Chi Yang (1885-1988).吴图南Found at: